Gate System

Swing Motor / Sliding Motor

FAAC 415 

The FAAC 415 for swing gates with single-leaf max length of 3 m (415) and 4 m (415 L). It operator with IN AXIS thrust and available with rod stroke 300mm and 400mm.


The FAAC 844 gearmotor for sliding gates with max weight of 1.88kg. Ideal for commercial or industrial gates. As the gearmotor is non reversing&electric locks, it is total safety that makes it possible to open and close the gate manually.

FAAC 740-741

The 740-741 gearmotor for residental sliding gates with max weight of 500kg and 900kg and built-in electronic equipment and securing plate, automates both new and existing sliding gates.

King’s Motor 160W

King’s motor is fully power by electromechanical motor and gears. It has high quality materials that provide high-corrosion resistance for years.


The 746 ER for sliding gates with max-weight of 600kg. The control board inside the gearmotor facilitates and speeds up installation, at lower cost. Its compact size makes it ideal for residential applications.

884 MC Three-Phase

The FAAC 884 gearmotor was designed to move the heaviest industrial gates in the simplest and safest way. “Industrial” duty is assured by the gearmotor’s exceptional performance, enabling intensive use frequency also for gates weighing 3.500 kg.


Vehicle Barrier System

FAAC 615 Barrier

The FAAC 615 can beams up to 5 m. It is specifically designed for medium transit frequency and ideal for controlling small and medium private areas. The whole 615 range has an anti-crushing hydraulic safety device.

FAAC 640 Barrier

The FAAC 640 can beams up to 7 m.With its length of 4 to 7 metres, the FAAC 640 range is ideal for traffic-control in large industrial accesses. The use of cutting-edge materials and treatments such as cataphoresis and niploy, all combine to ensure long life.

Rainbow Electromechanical Barrier

Rainbow was designed with a particular attention to security and the versatility of use.The ideal solution for high traffic areas or where the barrier operates continuously at certain times of day: parking lots, garage entrances or industrial zones.